3 Easy Ways to Make Your St. Joseph Loft Feel Cozier

No matter where you live, whether it be a home in California, an RV traveling the United States, or one of our loft apartments in St. Joseph, MO, it’s important to make your home feel like a home. Your house, apartment, camper, cabin, or wherever else you might live is your own personal space where you’ll more likely than not spend most of your time.

The thing is: if your home doesn’t feel like a home, if it doesn’t have those cozy personal touches that make that space uniquely yours, then you likely won’t feel comfortable in a place where you’re supposed to find the most comfort. It’s important to find a good balance of what makes you happy, what looks nice, and everything in between to find the perfect sweet spot of cozy for your home.

Looking for some tips? Look no further. Here are a few tips to help you on your coziness journey:

  1. Unpack all of your stuff. I know, don’t look at me like that. This one
    seems really obvious, but it’s more common than you might think to have moving boxes sitting in your house or apartment for months. It might be a box of random knick-knacks that you haven’t found a spot for yet, or maybe it’s a box of clothes that you’re considering donating. The possibilities are endless.

The only issue is that the first step to making your home feel like the cozy home you crave is that you need to treat it like home. You live there! You can unpack everything and find a home for it as you go. Or, if you’re wanting to donate that box of old t-shirts, then pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make your way over to your local donation center. Having reminders around you everywhere of the “just moved in” feeling doesn’t lend itself to the idea that you are in your home now, not just staying temporarily. Embrace it!

2. Clear the clutter. Cozy doesn’t mean unorganized. It’s easy to have a nice, clean, and organized space without giving up any of the coziness factor. Do you like the cozy farmhouse vibe? Organize things in your home with labeled mason jars and baskets, giving off that rustic vibe. Use warm, neutral tones to give that “old country” feel without having all of the mess to go along with it.

So many people believe that having things extremely organized gives off a clinical, hotel-like feel, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Organize things in your own way, in your own style, and your home will feel cozy in no time.

3. It’s time to put your candles to work. If you are as obsessed with candles and smell-good things as so many others, it’s time to put your collection to good use. Use warm and inviting candle scents to make your house feel more like home. Or, if you’re more of a diffuser person, try some scents that give off that “just clean” feeling. Just be sure not to have too many conflicting scents, because that’s not cozy. That’s just a recipe for sneezing.

Here at AE Lofts, we want to make your home in our loft apartments in St. Joseph, MO a cozy home for you to return to at the end of the day. If you’re interested in learning more about us, schedule a tour.



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